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Calendar of Events

The Chinese Martial arts are known as the Grand father of all the martial arts. In our system, it does not matter when you join. In our system, you are not treated like cattle, you are taught like the individual that you are. You are most probably asking yourself, if we can join at any time, how is it that we can fit in with others that already know some of what you teach. Well to answer this properly, you have to understand that in the Martial arts anyone can join at any time because we put everyone that is knew with a separate instructor for the first few weeks until you have the basics down properly, stance, stepping, basic kicks, blocks, punches. Once you feel comfortable to join in with the group that is when we would know you are ready. Another thing, in our warm up, meaning the stretching, push ups, and sit ups that sort of thing, we demand that you start slowly. We never make a new student do everything that the students that have been with us for a long time, we tell you to take your time, make sure to do everything slowly, carefully and always safely. I myself remember joining in a school in the 60s, where the instructors made the new students throw up they worked them so hard, laughing all the while as the students got sick, this is mindless entertainment at the expense of the student. If you ever see this, please go find a real teacher.

Class Times

  • Family Class
    Tues.  -  Thurs.  7:00  -  8:30 beginners
    Make sure to bring loose fitting clothes, T shirt, jogging pants and a clean pair of running shoes or Kung Fu slippers. Once you find out if you truly want to stay and learn, that is when you can decide if you want a Kung Fu uniform.
  • Combat Class
    Tues.  -  Thurs.  8:30  -  10:30
    For the Combat Class, make sure to bring your staff, sword, and spear. Also your throwing knives, and Chinese forks. If you are going to train more advance types of kung fu, make sure to bring your neck guard, your safety glasses and your groin cup.

Upcoming Events

  • Soon a Children's Class
    This children's class will be taught exactly the way that Grand Master Tallbear teaches his children. He always taught with heart, with compassion, and with a very firm hand, the results always spoke for themselves.
  • Soon to come a Senior Citizens class
    When our master had to stop teaching because of a car accident, he was very sad he had to stop the senior citizens class. That was one thing he asked of us that some day we would start a class for seniors again.
  • Soon to come a Women's self defense class


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