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Welcome to Ky Moo Kwan Chinese Martial Arts System's, we hope you find our site interesting and will drop by again. You will notice that every time you come back there will be far more than when you were last here. Every few months we completely do our site over again so as to make it very interesting every time you come back.

 Ky Moo Kwan Martial Arts System’s is taught in phases, or stages. We teach three excellent systems of Chinese Martial arts. However I must say right off, that we do not mix any of these systems together, we learn them in stages, first Hung Kuen, then another, then another. We never ever mix these arts so that we can keep them in their exact form and function, as they were taught to us.

When we train Tai Liu Chuan Fa, we can only train Tai Liu Chuan Fa, when we train Ying Yee, we can only train Ying Yee, and the reason for this is each of these systems have their own method of breathing, their own method of motion, and their own method of doing things which is sometimes called the Styles signature. This signature is very important to keep exact. Again to be sure you understand this, it is very important to keep each system as exact as it was passed down for the last thousand years.

We use Kempo for the foundation, which is the best foundation taught to Master Fiedler. In fact that is why GM Chow told Sifu Fiedler to stay with Hung Kuen as long as he could, this way GM Chow did not have to teach him basics, and could concentrate on teaching Sifu Fiedler advanced techniques. GM Chow told Sifu Fiedler that the Hung Kuen or Kempo that he was being taught was a mixture of Tam Tiu, and Hung Kuen. There were only three forms of Tam Tiu, all very basic, but the point was they were being taught correctly, had they not been, Grand Master Chow would have pulled Sifu Fiedler out of the class.  Almost every Okinawa Combat Karate System comes from a true Kempo system, and they all have excellent foundations. But you cannot leave your art with out walls and that is where the next arts come in.

Master Fiedler was taught a series of arts that all fit together and were used on the streets of Hong Kong, they are street proven martial arts, and were developed for that purpose. These arts are Wing Chun, Choy Lay Fut, White Eyebrow, Tam Tiu, and Northern Long Fist. This was taught to Sifu Fiedler by Grand Master Chow because it gave Sifu Fiedler an excellent understanding of completely different arts.   One art teaches the best in how to use Short Bridge, an other teaches the best type of technique for long bridge, the White Eyebrow was excellent to teach the student to use all seamlessly together. Which gave the student an excellent foundation in many theories and methods.  Long hand Technique and Short hand technique so that you can learn to use both together or separately. You can confuse your opponent so fast by switching from one system to the next, which is excellent for combat purpose. Then at the same time you had to learn the hard and the soft because to know one with out the other will not work. You have to understand hard in order to really know what soft is. The same as when you have to train soft in order to understand what hard is. 

 Next is the roof, we cannot have a building with out a roof or our foundation will rot. So we use the Ying Yee and the Tai Liu Chuan Fa Systems for advanced students. Once the students have trained to black belt, that is when they can make the choice to learn either Tai Liu Chuan Fa, or Ying Yee, it is their choice. By this time, they would have been able to see the more advanced students working on Tai Liu or Ying Yee and would have set their heart on one or the other by that time. We always allow the student to pick which art they want to start whether Ying Yee or Tai Liu it makes no difference. Because by the time they have finished the first course in Tai Liu, that is when they can start the first course in Ying Yee, or go onto the second course in Tai Liu, it is all up the student. What is very important is that a student likes what he or she is learning, if they like what they are learning, they will do excellent with it. If a student is forced into something that they do not like, they will not do as well.

We now teach Tai Chi also, one of our instructors back in the 90s, started to learn Tai Chi from one of the greatest Tai Chi Masters in Canada. He had to drive to Toronto to see this master, but was well worth the trips to see him. He found this master through another great teacher who taught Ba Gwa in Toronto. In fact this Ba Gwa Master was also going to learn from him too. He told Sifu that he was going to this man and asked if he wanted to come too, and the rest is history so to speak. We also have a form of Tai Chi called the Short Peking Form. This is a more modern version of Tai Chi that was created for people with poor balance and physical abilities. However it is great for everyone to learn how to rock from one positin to the next. This form of Tai Chi is excellent for the elderly, and for those who have never trained any other art to date. This is an excellent form for anyone to start out with.





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There are many people that reach the level of forth degree black belt and they still cannot teach properly. All of these issues do not go unnoticed by the Grand Master of the system. If that Grand Master sees that this or that student cannot teach, they will not receive a teaching degree no matter what level they achieve in belts or the sash levels. Also this day and age, there are nine your old black belts, is that the type of teacher you want, someone with that type of life experience. When in reality, what you need is someone that can teach you philosophy, art, meditation techniques, what to read, someone that can teach you many new ideals in life. Something that one of my Grand Masters told me many years ago. He said, that not all people can be good instructors. It takes a special type of person to be able to teach the martial arts. A Grand Master of any system, knows what to look for in personality, in temperament, and most importantly, compassion. Far to many people think that they can become instructors with a degree. This is not true. It takes a great man or women to become a teacher in the martial arts, remember the martial arts were not supposed to be used as a sport, it is a way of life, it is life and death, it is very serious. If any teacher becomes upset with you asking if you can see their credentials, it a good sign for you to go some where else. Any Master that has a teaching diploma from their grand master will show you without question. But remember that these can be obtained over the internet, believe it or not. Also before you even consider joining a school, find out what you truly want in a system of martial arts. Do you want to join a martial sport, or a martial art, there is a very big difference. And remember this always, the hardest thing about joining a school is to actually get up the nerve to go and join. You do not have to think that this is unnatural, we all feel like this. People are frightened of the unknown. Be aware that every good martial arts teacher knows this and they will treat you very kindly also making sure that you join in and start slowly at the back of the class with a higher belt level to show you the basic stances, the basic punching techniques, kicking techniques, and other. Once you are comfortable to join in with the rest of the white belts, and you know how to pace yourself in the warm up, that is when you will be allowed to join in with everyone else.


Ky Moo Kwan is the name of our school

Ky Moo Kwan is the name of our school, or schools, it is not a new system of kung fu. Kung Fu was at it's height in the 16th century. That was when it was at it's zenith. People did not have TV, no radio, nothing but nature and survival. People back at that time before the gun came to the Orient, were absolutely incredible in the martial arts. In fact there are many well known Chinese stories from the past that tell of these Great Grand Masters who could create amazing feats of strength. If the tails are to be believed, people truly had what is known as their "Chi", built up to levels not seen this day and age, and again all because there is far to many distractions. In fact the ancients knew that if any person wanted to fully develop their minds and bodies, they would have to live monastic lives. They could not marry, the reason for this, once married, you have to think about your wife, your children and yourself, when alone, you only have to think about you. When married, you worry about the safety and survival of your family, you worry about having enough to eat, and so forth. As you can see, even in the past, hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, they knew back then, it was not a good idea to marry if you wanted to bring yourself to highest levels of achievement in the Martial arts. Again I have to remind you when I say the word martial arts, I mean the martial arts. I am not talking about punching and kicking. I am talking about, philosophy, art, music, study of scripture, meditation techniques, standing and sitting.

Type of Classes At This Time

  • Family Class from 6:30  -  8:30 Tues. and Thurs
  • Combat Class from 8:30  -  10:30 Tues. and Thurs.
  • Soon to come we will start to teach a special children's class, exactly the way that Grand Master Tallbear teaches his children in the art of Tai Liu Chuan Fa. Also a very special class for women's self defense. Until I went to learn from Grand Master Tallbear, I always thought that the same self defense techniques that we teach to everyone else, is taught to the women's class. What I found out is the only type of schools that teach every one the same self defense techniques are schools that were never taught properly, or better said, those types of instructors that should never have been allowed to teach. Also soon a senior citizens class, teaching special medical, Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan, and meditation techniques. 
Eight trigrams

Ky Moo Kwan is not a new system of Chinese Boxing, what Ky Moo Kwan stands for is the name of our clubs, where we teach, Hung Kuen for the basics, Tai Liu Chuan Fa, and Ying Yee for the intermediate and advanced levels of instruction.

When I say that Hung Kuen is taught for the basics, I am not saying that this art is lesser then our two advanced systems. Actually without Hung Kuen, our intermediate and advanced techniques would not work as well without the training that we receive from Hung Kuen. Hung Kuen teaches exact basics, stances, stepping, jumping, punching, kicking, and so much more. Without the practise of these basics, our intermediate and advanced techniques would not be as exact as they should be. In fact when our master was being taught this art of Hung Kuen, his Grand Master in Ying Yee told him he had to stay to keep learning the Hung Kuen because of its importance. Hung Kuen is actually taught to the Police and Military in China because it works, because it keeps everything plain and simple. To give you another reason as to why train Hung Kuen when we have more advanced type martial arts. Our master said while training as his Grand Master told him, he noticed other martial artists that only trained advanced techniques without solid basics, when it came down to these students using their martial arts, most could not stand on their own two feet. All because they thought they new best, and thought they could cut corners, when in fact, there is no such thing as cutting corners in the martial arts. When you have no balance, and no power, your advanced technique will not work. Without balance, or power, your technique will suffer. When we talk about the word balance, it does not mean the balance of body only, this is also talking about your mind. The best method of developing your mind is through meditation. Also talking about power, again this means so many things. To most that read the word power, right away they think about tight muscles, or smashing something very hard with a muscular type of strength. When we talk about power we are talking about being able to create many types of power through the study of technique. With that said, the word power means many more things, it teaches us power from mind and body together.