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Systems of Chinese Boxing We Teach

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First System of Chinese Kung Fu that we teach.

  • The First system of Chinese Boxing that we teach is called Hung Kuen. Hung Kuen is a very well known group of systems that are basic in nature. However that is why this art is so important, it creates perfect basics, and with perfect basics, comes excellent advanced techniques.
  • The Second Chinese Boxing System to mention is far more advanced, " Tai Liu Chuan Fa", "Southern Eagle and Mantis".
    Our First system of Chinese Boxing to mention is Tai Liu Chuan Fa. Tai Liu was created in the 14th century by the Suu Family in Southern China. Tai Liu was passed down from Father to son for the last seven hundred years until 1979, when the last Suu family Master Died. On his death bed Grand Master Tallbear was given the title of World leader of all the Tai Liu Schools. Tai Liu Chuan Fa is an incredible Southern Eagle and Mantis System. This Chinese Martial Art is known for it's Poison hand techniques, Master hand Techniques, Survival hand Techniques, Iron Palm techniques, Quickie hand techniques, fast hand techniques, and more. It is also known as a medium soft style. The Chinese Martial arts are known for its six hundred different systems of Kung Fu. These six hundred systems are cut into categories. These are soft and hard, long and short, and so on. Some systems of Kung Fu only train long length techniques such as Bok Hok Pai. Others train only short techniques such as Wing Chun. Others train all four categories separately, and later in advanced stages, together seamlessly.
  • The Third Chinese Boxing System we teach is also a very advanced Chinese Boxing System. This art is Called Ying Yee, also known as " Mind Of Movement" or Mind Boxing. 
  • Another way to spell this is Hsing - i. This art is one thousand years old, and is one of the three most famous internal systems of Chinese Martial arts. Internal stands for soft, External systems stand for hard, however again these things can become very confusing at first, as most of these arts, do mix hard with soft, and long with short, again it all depends on the art, and the master of the art, as to what is taught. Ying Yee is known for the Five Element fist, it is also known for the Animal forms. Backing up a bit, there are the Buddhist schools and the Taoist schools of martial arts. The Buddhist schools of martial arts are known to the Chinese as the outside schools, meaning these are all the styles that were developed from the original system that came from India with Buddhism. The Taoist schools are known to the Chinese as the only true Chinese Martial arts systems that were already in China long before the Buddhist schools came from India. The Chinese are very proud of their Taoist roots, and have developed both the Buddhist and Taoist arts to very high levels. The animal forms in Ying Yee are very different then the animal forms from the Buddhist schools. Ying Yee has split into many different groups, even though the backbone of the system is the same. They do teach slightly different, some teach eight animals, some teach ten, and yet others teach twelve. Also in a few of the Ying Yee Systems, they teach Luk Hup Bah Fah, in the advanced stages. This is only taught to the protégé of the Grand Master. He or she will only teach this art to the highest level student or students of the system, not everyone.

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