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Ky Moo Kwan Chinese Boxing

Thank you for coming to Ky Moo Kwan Chinese Traditional Boxing Systems. Regardless of what style you come from, you are welcome to come in and look around. Please remember one thing when thinking about joining a martial arts school. Do your research, make sure to look up the schools teacher to find out if he or she is qualified to teach. Unfortunately there are far to many students that leave their teachers prematurely, thinking that they have what it takes to teach. Black belt level is finishing the basics in most systems. Black belt level does not make a teacher. To be very frank, it takes a special type of person to become a teacher. More Here

Not Another Knew System of Kung Fu

Ky Moo Kwan is not another new system of martial arts. Ky Moo Kwan is the name of our schools. We have named the schools out of respect for the master who brought these systems of Chinese Martial arts to this area. The Systems that we teach are simply amazing. We teach Hung Kuen for beginners, Ying Yee and Tai Liu Chuan Fa for intermediate and advanced students. Once a student arrives at the level of black belt, is when they can decide to learn Tai Liu Chuan Fa, or Ying Yee. They can only learn one or the other, but not both at the same time. The reason for this is to keep the systems separate from each other, as each system of Kung Fu is completely different from each other. This difference would become confused if taught together. It is the difference which makes these systems so important to learn.

Two Sifu

Working together are Sifu Simon on the left, and Sifu Dee on the right. Both are very tall, when doing forms, they are amazing to watch. Tall people make forms look so much better than small people, reason being is the spaces between the limbs. Yes small people can do amazing forms that large people can't, point being something like Monkey form. On  the other hand, there are a very few people that are large that can move like small people, but that is so hard to find. That type of student is the best to work with in sparing, because they are large and can move fast, are strong, and have great flexibility, they are totally fantastic.

These two have those qualities, to have two in the same class in the same time is just fantastic.  

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Luk Hup Bah Fah

Is known as one of the most advanced Chinese Boxing systems, even by the Chinese. In fact to learn the art of Luk Hup Bah Fah, you have to already have a master degree in another art. Plus if you are over forty it is not recommended.

Luk Hup Bah Fah translated into English is Six Harmonies, and Eight Directions. The Eight also stands for Eight methods. Luk Hup Bah Fah is also one of the Internal methods of Chinese Boxing, but very seldom taught to students and teachers alike because of it's secrecy. When our teacher learned this art. Twenty years went by before one word of this art became known in English. Twenty years and only one article. Another ten years went by and two more articles came out talking about this amazing system.